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Focus on the Ability

The 2012 London Paralympic Games made history for many reasons: with 2.7 million tickets sold, they were the first sold out Paralympics; with 4,269 athletes from 164 nations, they were the largest; with 298 new world records and Paralympic records set, they had the best performances ever in disabled sport. If China, Russia and Great […]

Thanks to My Mother

Education is the key to positive change and the only way out of an already assigned path for girls like these 43, whose testimony and portraits comprise Thanks to My Mother. The testimony consists of their letters, presented in their original untouched form, that the girls wrote to ask for a scholarship. The girls are […]

Hold my Hand: Living with Leprosy

For over 30 years, the Turkish Association for the Fight against Leprosy has helped leprosy patients and their families to fight the social stigma and the economic hardship attached to the disease. Today, there are around 2,500 leprosy patients in Turkey, all coming from remote, rural Eastern and South-Eastern areas of the country. In 2008, […]

Far from Iraq

One of the most tragic consequences of the war in Iraq is the mass exodus of Iraqis, which began in 2003 and has continued to the present. According to some estimates, 2 million Iraqis have fled the country and 2 million have moved from the most dangerous areas, such as Baghdad, to the relatively safer […]

Meskhetian Turks: Still looking for a place called home

The Meskhetian Turks are an ethnic group originally from the southern area of Georgia called Meskhetia. Displaced first by Stalin and then again in the 1990s following the fall of USSR, they have not been allowed to repatriate yet. Over the past five years, the U.S. government has accepted over 15,000 Meskhetian Turkish refugees. One […]

Faith and Identity

Among Italian Americans, Catholicism has endured the transition from generation to generation longer than language, culinary traditions or craftsmanship. Attending weddings, baptisms and religious feasts is more a matter of tradition than a matter of religion. All the generations still alive come together for these celebrations, which provide an insight into the Italian American culture. […]