Faith and Identity

Among Italian Americans, Catholicism has endured the transition from generation to generation longer than language, culinary traditions or craftsmanship. Attending weddings, baptisms and religious feasts is more a matter of tradition than a matter of religion. All the generations still alive come together for these celebrations, which provide an insight into the Italian American culture.

In 1980, Italy was the birthplace of the greatest number of New York City’s foreign born, but by the mid-1980s Italian immigrants had gone down to 26th place. With a whole generation of immigrants fading away and no newcomers on the horizon, the disappearance of ethnic Italian churches around the United States is inevitable.

The project Faith and Identity aims to portray a reality that is slowly but steadily disappearing, and also, in times of increasing xenophobia, to make the viewers empathize and sympathize with anyone suspended in between worlds.